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Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness take 2

Hi everyone I’m back again with my second post for Country view Crafts and I have A hanging board for you this time.

I used several methods for this board, first my ipad to create a collection of autumn inspired flowers seed heads and leaves. Using Procreate I created several individual flowers leaves and seed heads so that I could create a composition which I could use in several ways. For this project I used the composition below but as they are individually created each item can move, I can even change the colour.


Once I was Happy with the composition I saved It as a png file then sent it to Cricut Design Space. I then Set it up to print and cut. I set an offset around it so that it left a small gap, I printed It on to printable vinyl. Once printed I fed It back into my Maker 3 to cut out the design.

I also created  what I wanted written to the maker to cut out. This was a real pig getting it sorted. Firstly, weeding the words was a real pain as several letters either moved or stuck themselves to the waste vinyl. Once I sorted that out, I used the wrong transfer sheet, I used a medium contact instead of a strong one which made transferring the words really difficult. I chose The the first few lines from to Autumn from Keats


I nearly Threw it out the window, but was short of vinyl so had to persevere. Once I got It sorted I moved onto the board.

So this was an old board I purchased which I rubbed down and then gave two coats of brown acrylic. Then a coat of weathered wood and once dry I gave It a coat of cream acrylic then let it all do its magic.

Once completely dry I used several oxide sprays in autumn colours and then dried itwith a heat tool.

Once it was completely  dry I brought it all together. At first the background was really dark enough but I added Some dark ink the give a bit more depth and help the words pop a little more.

And there we have it, it was difficult to get a photo of how shiny the words are but as it’s an adhesive foil I’m sure you can imaging.
take care everyone




4 thoughts on “Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness take 2”

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous layout! I enjoyed seeing how it all came together, that’s so clever 😊. Thanks for the inspirational challenge theme and wishing you a wonderful week! Hugs Jo x

  2. This is absolutely beautiful Debs, I love your background and your design is so clever. Take care and have a very happy week, Sue xx

  3. Gorgeous!!! Well worth the hassle and the work! Such a satisfaction having made up all the bits yourself too… x

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